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- Meet Bomi Anise -

Some people call Bomi an advisor. Some call her a coach. Some even call her a confidant. But the truth is, when high performing leaders need help, they just call Bomi. 

 Bomi is a recognised expert in strategic leadership and transformation for high growth individuals and has been described as a “change-maker” and " a high-energy connector who is able to see the best in people and of situations even when people don't see it themselves". As a British, American, Nigerian lawyer who has lived and worked in five countries across two continents,  Bomi has developed a unique, thought provoking approach to personal and professional leadership, talent development and maintaining positive workplace cultures. Over the course of her nearly three decades of corporate and legal experience, Bomi has worked internationally within some of the world’s most prominent insurance companies including Chubb Insurance Company and Liberty Mutual and advised partners in international law firms and defended and advised directors on boards of global financial institutions in high stress, high stakes transactions and litigation.

In addition to her upcoming book and the FREE giveaway, through transformative coaching and highly engaging and practical workshops or keynotes, Bomi can help you and your team tap into and leverage their full potential to increase performance, motivation, innovation and fulfilment.  
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